Currency Manager & Scheduler
for Salesforce

This native Salesforce app allows to manage currency and dates currency rates by non-admin users (in example: finance users), without having System Admin profile.

You no longer need to have "Customize Application" or "View Setup and Configuration", access controlled by 1 single Permission Set.

You can also schedule to update currency rates automatically according to your own needs (1st day of month, weekly, daily etc.).

Our Features

Start using Currency Manager & Scheduler
and give your System Admins some free time.

Manage Currencies

Activate new currencies or inactivate the ones you no longer need.

Rates for Managed Currences

Easily set current rates for managed currencies.

Manage Dated Exchange Rates

Easily set dated exchange rates for specific date ranges.

Change Corporate Currency

You can update your corporate currency.

Schedule Rate Updates

Schedule automatic rate updates according to your own needs (1st day of month, weekly, daily etc.).

Single Permission Set

Currency Manager comes with 1 single Permission Set that gives access to features.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support via email or chat.

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